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Capital Market Authority(CMA)
The capital market is part of the financial system that provides funds for long-term development. This is a market that brings together lenders (investors) of capital and borrowers (companies that sell securities to the public) of capital.The Capital Markets Authority is established by an Act of Parliament to promote, regulate and facilitate the development of an orderly, fair and efficient Capital Markets in Kenya. For more information about CMA please follow the link below.

Nairobi Stock Exchange(NSE)
The Stock Exchange is a market that deals in the exchange of securities issued by publicly quoted companies and the Government.
The major role that the stock exchange has played, and continues to play in many economies is that it promotes a culture of thrift, or saving. The very fact that institutions exist where savers can safely invest their money and in addition earn a return, is an incentive to people to consume less and save more.For more information about the NSE,please follow the link below.

Central Depository & Settlement Corporation Limited( CDSC)

CDSC is the quality provider of clearing and settlement services in the Kenya Capital Markets. They offer secure central custody and simplified, swift and safe transfer of investors’ value. To find out more about cdsc click on the link below.





Ministry of Finance
The Ministry of Finance derives its mandate from the Constitution of Kenya, Cap VII Sections 99-103 which provides for proper budgetary and expenditure management of government financial resources. In addition, Parliament, over the years has enacted 49 Acts to which the Ministry of Finance is a custodian thereby adding more responsibilities to the Ministry. For more information about this,please visit their website using the link below.

Central Bank 
Central Bank of Kenya (CBK), is the main government institution charged with the responsibility of supervising the Banking Sector and executing the Monetary Policy. The Central Bank of Kenya was established in 1966 through an Act of Parliament. Since 2007, CBK’s role in Monetary Policy formulation and execution has been fortified through the creation of a Monetary Policy Committee – charged with the responsibility of issuing Bi-monthly benchmark rate reviews. The Institution offers a rich collection of information including but not limited to; Monthly Economic Review, excel based database on inflation rates, foreign exchange rates and banking rates, quarterly and annual reports on the performance of the banking sector, policy documents detailing developments in the economy and banking sector e.t.c. For more information, please visit their website using the link below.


NSE 20 Share

stock PREV NOW %  
TOTL 16.50 18.05 9.39  
KAPC 80.00 85.00 6.25  
UCHM 3.70 3.90 5.41  
PORT 29.00 30.50 5.17