We leverage our extensive networks to enhance investment diversification in the Eurobonds asset class

What is a Eurobond?

A Eurobond is a debt instrument that’s denominated in a currency other than the home currency of the country or market in which it is issued.

Standard Investment Bank (SIB) offers custody solutions to enable clients invest and trade in the lucrative Eurobonds asset class.

SIB Eurobonds Trading Features

  • Minimum Investment: USD 200,000
  • Minimum Top Ups: USD 1,000
  • One-off Fee: 2.0% of Settlement Amount
  • Safe Keeping Fees: Nil
  • Cash Handling Fees: Nil
  • Coupon Collection Fees: Nil
  • Quarterly statements or upon request
  • Regular Global Market analysis

Why invest in Kenya and Sub-Saharan Africa Eurobonds?

Alfa Dollar Returns:

USD Yields of between 6% – 15% depending on a Country’s Credit Rating and tenor.

High Liquidity

Eurobond withdrawal requests are easily processed within 2 working days.


Eurobonds help spread out investment risk as an additional diversification strategy

Ease of Access

Standard Investment Bank makes it easy and affordable to purchase/sell Eurobonds

Speak to a Financial Advisor on Eurobond Trading!

    Our Eurobonds Experts.

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    Together, we make sure you’re investing where the best returns
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    How to Invest in Eurobonds via SIB

    1. Fill in the Eurobonds application form which captures:

          a) KYC Documentation

          b) Eurobond paper(s) of interest

          c) Face Value of the Eurobond

          d) Purchase/Sale Price

          e) Settlement/Coupon payment account

    2. Submit the forms to SIB via clientservices@sib.co.ke or in person

    3. Application is reviewed and account opened with SIB

    4. SIB sends account funding instructions via email

    5. Upon funding, SIB shares a Business Confirmation with the client

    *Note: The Eurobond account must be pre-funded prior to the execution of a Buy Instruction

    SIB Eurobonds Brokerage Services

    SIB also offers Eurobonds Trading Brokerage Services for seasoned clients who are already trading Eurobonds and are looking to enhance their experience through efficient relationship management.

    By centering on our vast pool of Global Investors and Partners, we provide the following benefits to clients:

    • Leverage our extensive network of buyers and sellers of Africa Eurobonds to execute large volume trades swiftly.
    • Providing timely information on the sharpest rates across all African Eurobonds to our clients’ advantage.
    • Expert relationship management to both Eurobond buyers and sellers to realize the best compromise in each transaction.
    • Daily & Weekly in-depth global market analysis on news and events affecting clients’ portfolios.
    • Competitively priced brokerage fees.

    Get in touch with us to learn more on our Eurobond Brokerage Services.