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In December 2018, SIB was licensed as the first Online Forex Trading Money Manager in Kenya, by the CMA, under the CMA Online Forex Trading Regulations, 2017.

The Mansa-X Fund is the flagship product of the SIB Global Markets Division.

What is Mansa-X?

Mansa-X is a Multi-Asset Strategy Fund with a long/short trading model that invests in financial instruments both local and global with the primary objective of realizing capital growth for its investors.

The fund achieves this by utilizing complex portfolio allocation techniques while hedging capital exposure.

Where does Mansa-X Invest?

Mansa-X is a highly diversified fund, investing in a wide range of asset classes that include:

  • Currencies
  • Precious Metals
  • Commodities
  • Stock Indices
  • Single Stocks
  • Cash & Fixed Income

The fund invests mainly in the currencies of the world’s major economies (G10 countries) as well as other currencies as the opportunities arise. It also invests in CFDs of precious metals, commodities, stock indices and single stocks. The stock indices and single stocks are of major global exchanges such as S&P500, FTSE100, DAX, CAC 40, NIKKEI and others.

Mansa-X Fund Features

  • 0% Initial Fee
  • 0% Redemption Fee
  • Minimum Investment KES. 250,000
  • Minimum Top-up KES. 100,000
  • 6 Month Lock-In-Period
  • 5% Annual Management Fee – prorated daily over 365 days
  • 10% Performance Fee – applied on the surplus when a return above the 25% hurdle rate is attained

Above Average Market Returns – In 2020, Mansa-X delivered 18.75% net return to its clients

The Benefits of Investing in

Mansa-X Include:


With the ability to trade over 200 asset classes, Mansa-X provides more opportunities to squeeze out a return, while protecting investors capital in case of adverse market movements in any of the asset classes.

Trading Opportunities

Applying a long/short trading model, the fund is able to make money whether assets are gaining value (going long) or losing value) going short.

24-Hour Market

The funds’ ability to access and trade in markets such as Sydney, Tokyo, Nairobi, London and New York 24 hours a day, maximises your earning potential.

Dollar Return

The fund invests in USD, earning a superior return which potentially adjusts for KES depreciation and inflation.


The fund has the ability to trade amounts larger than your capital, enabling it to deliver higher than market returns.

Highly Liquid

Mansa-X investors can access their capital or returns with ease upon request. (24-48 hours)

Our Mansa Xperts.

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Together, we make sure you’re investing where the best returns
are, while building loyalty across every touchpoint.

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