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Welcome to SIB Najah

SIB Najah is the Islamic Investment Banking division of Standard Investment Bank. It specialises in providing Shariah-compliant investment solutions to the market, encompassing Investment Banking, Investment Management, Securities Trading, and Corporate Finance services. The clientele includes retail investors, institutional investors, corporations, and high net worth individuals.

Ethical Investment Solutions to Meet Your Needs

Fixed Income

SIB Najah offers a diverse range of Shariah-compliant fixed-income products designed to provide investors with stable returns while adhering to Islamic finance principles. 

Corporate Finance

SIB Najah specializes in providing Shariah-compliant corporate finance solutions to businesses seeking capital for expansion, mergers and acquisitions, or other strategic initiatives.

Wealth Management

Our Shariah-compliant global market wealth management services allow clients to access international investment opportunities while adhering to Islamic finance principles. 


SIB Najah offers access to Shariah-compliant equities investments, allowing you to build a diversified portfolio that adheres to Islamic finance principles.